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Memory is identity. Memory grounds us in who we are, where we've come from. Memory shapes and guides us... Future identity and destiny... flower from a remembrance of things past. 1

Welcome to Romford Now & Then - a visual record of the town, its history and its heritage. Romford is a market town situated in the old county of Essex, but now administered as part of the London Borough of Havering.

Sadly this site has become too difficult to maintain in it's present form. It requires a complete overhaul to enable new content to be added easily, and to improve the appearance and functionality. Unfortunately, the site is so large that such an overhaul would be a major undertaking, and I just don't have the time at the moment. One day, I hope.

Nonetheless, I hope that you will still find something of interest on the site, and will enjoy your time here. Thanks for visiting!

If you're interested in Romford and its history, why not consider joining one or more of the following groups:

The Francis Frith Collection, show me more Buy high quality historic photographs of Romford and help support Romford Now & Then. Valid CSS!

1 Mark Buchanan, The Rest of God, pp. 195-196.


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