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South Street, in January 2001." ) ; ?>

The building was once Romford's second railway station, terminus of the line to Upminster, Grays and Tilbury, which opened to the public on 7th June 1893.1

The station closed on 2nd April 1932 as the result of a pooling agreement between the LMS and the LNER.  Passengers for the line then had to use the LNER booking office across the street, and cross the footbridge over South Street to reach the platform.1

On the far-left of the picture, beneath the railway bridge, shutters cover what was once the Repubican tobacconist.   To the right of Trax is the Goose public house.

Display a map showing the location from which this photograph was taken.

1 Romford Record, No. 12 (1980), pages 15 & 18.

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